Christophe Dumarest

April 2011

“You have to organise the November talk with Christophe Dumarest!”, shouted my then boss.  Wow! The super handsome French mountaineer?  That’s cool!

Nearer the time, I expect to find a snotty ego.  Christophe is, in fact,  quite the opposite. A gentle soul with a strong mind.  I will never tire of showing my admiration for people like him. All his outstanding accomplishments are amply shown on his website

[By the way, I did the English translation of this site!]

Christophe is eager to share his experiences and has a sound presence on the stage. The showing of La voie Bonatti in Lecco is welcomed with big rounds of applause. Bonatti is a hero for many of us.

Here is the trailer of the film by Bruno Peyronnet

Below is Christophe with me, Luca Calvi, the translator for the night and Giovanni Pomi of the Gamma Group.









Christophe appears in an interview written by me, which featured in the 2012 edition of UP, the yearly review published by Versante Sud.

Check the website for a pdf of the magazine

Pictures by Marc Daviet and Pascal Tournaire among others


April 2012   – The first edition of the Alagna Mountain Festival!

Co-organised by Roberto Veggi and myself.

The small Teatro dell’Unione Alagnese is heaving, buzzing with people, some disappointed because they cannot get in. And so back in my valley, I am quite excited to introduce Christophe and be his interpreter. He’s here to promote La voie Bonatti. He shows great humanity and a humble attitude towards life, which is not always easily found these days.

















La voie is then shown in film festivals the world over, from Trento (Premio del Pubblico and Genziana d’Argento), to Banff and Tegernsee, Autrans to Graz, Sestriere to Milan.

Below is a picture of me at the Cervino Cine Mountain in Cervinia, talking with festival organiser Luca Bich before the screening, August 2012.



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