Jerry Moffatt

Jerry Moffatt, Jerry Moffatt, Jerry Moffatt… the climbing legend is with us!

20 april 2012. My climbing friends in Sesto are all very excited about this visit.  Jerry comes to the climbing wall, leaves his signature and then we go out for a meal, accompanied by Matteo della Bordella and David Bacci.

We set off the following morning for Borgo San Dalmazzo, where Jerry is talking at the Rassegna della Montagna. I had never been to Borgo San Dalmazzo. Southern Piedmont is unknown territory to me, despite being my region…  So here we are, Jerry and I, puzzled at a motorway exit, but finally reaching the venue for the night after only a few wrong turns…

Pietro Pozza welcomes us warmly and nearly faints at the sight of him.

“It’s Jerry Mooooofffaaattt!!!!!” he shouts at the audience, introducing him.

The evening goes on with Jerry talking about his past, his climbing companions, all the outstanding deeds accomplished. I am his interpreter for the night. The crowd cheers with us, and Jerry is very pleased – just like Versante Sud’s Bruno Quaresima and Roberta Rastelli. The Italian edition of Jerry’s autobiography, Revelations, is published by them.



With Jerry and Bruno Quaresima in splendid Val Gesso


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