Patrick Gabarrou, Alagna Mountain Festival


Patrick Gabarrou.  The legendary Patrick, who opened more than 300 routes on the Alps, primarily on the Mont Blanc Massif.  A man who re-invented mountaineering right on his doorstep. Despite all this, he is very humble, even-tempered and considerate.

April 2013. In Alagna for the Mountain Festival, Patrick presented Sur le fil de l’amitié a film by Bruno Peyronnet

It traces the exceptional journey undertaken by Patrick and Christophe Dumarest – guest in Alagna in 2012 – in July 2008, from Monte Rosa to the Matterhorn, via the two Lyskamm and Roccia Nera.

A telling tale of friendship and love for the mountains.

Patrick captivated the audience with his passionate accounts of his many adventures and exploits, but most of all sharing the idea that being modest and helping the others is the key element for any good mountaineer.

It was a real pleasure to introduce him and have him as our guest!

Pictures by Luigi Manghetti





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