Film Festivals I – Shaff and Andy Turner


When you set yourself the goal of exploring the psyche behind mountain exploits, first you have to meet the people who actually carry out these achievements and find out a little bit about them.  Film festivals often offer just such an occasion.

The first adventure film festival I visited was SHAFF in March 2012  In Sheffield climbers abound, and rightly so, with stunning Peak District on its doorstep and world-class training facilities in town.    I watched many films, even when the rare English sun was shining outside, and learnt a lot about the fascinating art of filming adventure sports. This festival is definitely a must.

On that occasion, I also met Andy Turner who was there to do a presentation.

Andy is quite famous as the rope partner of Dave McLeod in his film The Long Hope  (info here  and here )    He has, however, accomplished much more than that.  For a start he used to be a professional cyclist and knows everything about strict training regimes and the tough world of competitions.

He re-invented himself with ice-axes and crampons and mainly devotes himself to winter climbing – in the arduous Scottish mountains! – He also recently took part in the Ice World Cup.  He regularly travels to the Alps and Norway to look for icy lines and is, unsurprisingly, very friendly and always smiling. Yeah!

Below is a link to a superb film about Ice climbing in Scotland with Andy, Erwan Lelann, Martial Dumas, Tony Lamiche, Mathieu Maynadier and other French members of the Petzl team plus Ueli Steck. It also features bouldering and climbing in Cummingston and… chasing Nessie! Enjoy!


This article on Andy featured in Climb Magazine, May 2012


Andy Turner onsighting the second, crux pitch of The Secret (X,10, 70m, 2 pitches), as viewed from the top of Gargoyle Wall. The line was opened by Andy in December 2007, one of the hardest lines on Ben Nevis. [Photo Sam Loveday]


Andy Turner on First Blood (M9/9+) The Works. [Photo Paddy Cave]


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