Playing for Change Day in Sesto Calende


Artwork Francesca Crispino

No mountaineering today.  Well, no mountaineering per se.   We are, in fact, celebrating life and mountains give us life.  So the link is easily understood. Wouldn’t you agree?

I want to talk about the undeniably strong power of music. The mighty but silent force that drives us, leads us, accompanies us, entertains us and consoles us.   For a life without music would, quite simply, not exist.

Without too much pathos, but (good) actions, the founders of Playing for Change ( understood this potent appeal and decided to do something to help those not lucky enough to have access to music education. Nine school projects in various African countries, Nepal and Thailand.

Education brings us knowledge and knowledge means a richer soul.

Playing for Change Day is a worldwide project where musicians gather to celebrate life and peace, raising money for the Foundation. There were more than 300 events in 56 countries this year and I organised one in Sesto Calende, the town I’ve lived in for the past four years

Five groups, ranging from ska to gospel, soul to rock, folk to funky, who all played in favour of this great cause.

La Bandela del Ghezz, Angel’s Gospel Choir, Satura Lanx, Placca and Uniposka: talented performers who shared their energy and great enthusiasm.

My thanks go to them and to all those who helped, danced, sang and played with me.       Special thanks to Samuele Fester and his team for the impeccable sound engineering.

Something to be proud of!

More info:


Video of Pioggia


Angel’s Gospel Choir

La Bandela del Ghezz


Placca from Vigevano


Uniposka from Sesto Calende.


Angel’s Gospel Choir


La Bandela del Ghezz


Lead singer Ruggero of Uniposka


The final jam: Bob Marley’s beautiful “No Woman, No Cry”.


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