Kjerrskredkvelven – the BIG line. Ice climbing in Norway


Matthias approaching the headwall ( photo T. Schmitt)

Kjerrskredkvelven. An unpronounceable name which hides an elusive ice waterfall. Rated WI V/ 6, with an overall height of nearly 900 metres (!), the line has only been climbed five times.  Rarely in condition, until Matthias Scherer and Tanja Schmitt seized the right moment last February, on one of Norway’s coldest winter days.

The climb itself turned out to be very delicate, in some parts impossible to protect, such as the crux, requiring nerves of steel to carry on.

I have already talked about Matthias and Tanja and their passion for ice climbing – https://luciaprosino.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/frozen-love-matthias-scherer-and-tanja-schmitt/ – and I happily introduce their video on this mammoth ascent, a true endurance test, showing commitment and determination.

Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtwmN_w1U5Q&feature=youtu.be

Matthias and Tanja will also organise an Ice Climbing Festival in Cogne from 13th until 15th December. https://www.facebook.com/events/207896666033637/

It will be a good chance to meet them as well as other mountaineers, in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, trying some gear and, if you have never ice-climbed before, having a go at this enchanting sport.

See you there!


The entire line of “Kjerrskredkvelven” (Photo M. Scherer)


Tanja on pitch 2 (Photo M. Scherer)


Matthias on the crux pitch – pitch 8 (Photo T. Schmitt)


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