Blowing one’s own trumpet – Christophe Dumarest


During his China trip, November 2012 (Photo Thomas Vialletet)

Being modest and not taking ourselves too seriously is the key to a peaceful, no-nonsense life. So they say. Sometimes, however, we need to fulfil our sense of achievement and bring proof of what we do.

When I moved back to Italy four years ago, full of joy and excitement, I did not have a definite plan in mind, other than devoting all my energies to the mountains, cherishing their vital energy.

I have been fortunate enough to meet exceptional people and also first-rate mountaineers, climbers, adventurers.

One of them is Christophe Dumarest.

In addition to the already mentioned interview on the Italian review UP, I have also written about him for other magazines: Klettern (Germany) and Gory (Poland).

You can read these articles here  and here



On the north face of the Grandes Jorasses. (Photo Pascal Tournaire)



During his 8-day tour of the Fiz with Yann Borgnet and Rémi Duhoux, France.
(Photo Marc Daviet)



Crack climbing in Liming, Yunnan region, China. (Photo Thomas Vialletet)



Highlining in Haute Savoie. (Photo Dumarest Collection)


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