Looking ahead – Alagna Mountain Festival


Ski-touring or hiking in the winter… a pleasure.
Towards the Colle del Turlo, Alagna (Photo L Prosino)

As much as I loved 2013, it is not too early to think about next year.

Planning is not a word known to most of my friends   Le grimpeur n’aime pas les règles! according to Marco Troussier in his Abécédaire de l’escalade.   It is true, however, that if you intend to set up events of any kind, like I do, then organisation is well and truly in order.

So, save the date for next April.  The Festival della Montagna (or Mountain Festival) will take place from Friday 25 until Sunday 27 April 2014 in Alagna Valsesia.

I cannot reveal the speakers, but I can assure you that my penchant for French culture will, once again, prevail. Check the first two editions with Christophe Dumarest & Manolo and, last April, Patrick Gabarrou, Caroline Ciavaldini & James Pearson. All on this blog.

Why Alagna? Well, Valsesia is the valley I am from. Quite understandably I am happy to promote its beauty,  known to more foreigners than Italians!

While you wait for some more details, please enjoy a video showing what you can do in the winter – for those of you who do not already know this Freeride Paradise.


Watch this space!


Skiing from Monte Rosa to the Matterhorn (il Cervino),
Easily done! (Photo L Prosino)


Not just a winter wonderland… overlooking Alagna in the spring. (Photo L Prosino)


Kids can enjoy the valley, too! (Photo L Prosino)


Rock galore… yes! (Photo L Prosino)


Monte Rosa, proud and beautiful. (Photo L Prosino)


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