Catherine Destivelle – Alagna Mountain Festival



Catherine Destivelle. The legendary French mountaineer who needs no introduction.

A clear-cut mind and frank manners, Catherine showed her marvellous film Au dela des Cimes illustrating three routes in the Mont Blanc Massif: the east face of the Grand Capucin, the Aiguille du Grèpon and the Aiguille Verte.

What captures the mind of acclaimed mountaineers? Why do they achieve such results? What motivates them?  These – and many more – are questions we would all like to hear the answers to. Mountain festivals give us this chance and this is the reason I believe in them so ardently.

After Christophe Dumarest in 2012 and Patrick Gabarrou in 2013, Alagna hosted, once again, a French mountaineer. I am very proud of this, for it clearly symbolises open-mindedness, not so easily found in mountain areas. Or is it all in our imagination?  I will let you decide…

See you in 2015 for more fun!



With Don Carlo, the parish priest in Alagna, and Roberto Veggi, deputy Mayor. Picture Luigi Manghetti



In the picturesque theatre of the Unione Alagnese. Picture by Luigi Manghetti






Picture by Luigi Manghetti




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