Christophe Dumarest and La voie Bonatti


Walter Bonatti, the unforgotten pioneer of mountaineering. So bold and daring, a lover of aesthetic lines, a tireless dreamer.  There is so much talk about him these days, with films, books and shows: do all of them help us understand his figure,  his ideas, him as a person?

La voie Bonatti certainly does. Tracing the big adventure of Christophe Dumarest and Yann Borgnet who, in October 2010, covered three relevant Bonatti routes in the Mont Blanc Massif: the Bonatti-Vaucher on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses, the Bonatti-Ghigo on the Grand Capucin and the Bonatti-Oggioni on the Pilier Rouge de Brouillard.

The film is not merely a homage to Bonatti per se, but rather an occasion to try and discover the big alpinist.  Shot with no helicopters whatsoever, it stuns for the excellent images and somehow unravels the considerable work undertaken by the film director as well, Bruno Peyronnet.

Awarded at numerous film festivals, from Trento to Autrans and La Rochelle, it has already toured Italy, though the public is eager to have more.  Recently in Darfo Boario Terme for the Montagne al Cinema festival,, where Christophe exchanged his views with an enthusiastic public, an currently in Milan at the Spazio Oberdan , it will also feature at the Nuovi Mondi Film Festival in Valloriate, close to Cuneo, where Christophe will hold stage on Saturday 5 July.

I was in Darfo to help Christophe convey his ideas, translating them to the public. I love my job, I love talking to zealous mountaineers and people in general. I also love Walter Bonatti.   Could I ask for more?  Well, perhaps that my heel heals quickly…

Stay tuned for more adventures…











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