Are alpinists actors? – A thorny issue indeed.


Seeking a way in stormy weather. Cop Arc’teryx Alpine Academy

You have to look at life and smile. Even when things seem difficult and challenging. Perhaps even more then.  So when I stupidly fell whilst rappelling and broke my heel, knowing that I could not attend some fun days in the mountains – the Alpine Academy in Chamonix  – I did not throw a tantrum, but went anyway.

It was worth it, for I was taught another relevant lesson in mountaineering life.

Watching Matthias Scherer and Tanja Schmitt’s Velocity and also Luka Lindič’s Determination, two of the many films screened for the Movie Night, I found some key questions relating to the mountaineering world were raised.

Matthias and Tanja – see two posts in this blog  and  –  left everything behind to follow their passion, ice climbing. They did not just dream or ponder about it, they let ice absorb their lives and cherished in it. They are unassuming and honest and do not seek fame, nor fortune.  Neither does Luka. A young Slovenian alpinist, he has already accomplished a lot, such as the solo Peuterey Integrale in the summer of 2013

His message is clear. Some mountaineers behave like actors and are much keener on the  mere “story telling” than their actual pursuits, apparently seeming to have completed their projects before setting off for their ventures.

Setting the boundaries in this field can be a thorny issue at times, but it is certainly a topic worth examining.

Perhaps, in the future, Mountain Festivals will devote some time to this debate.

Stay tuned…


Matthias Scherer on Repentance, Cogne. Photo Tanja Schmitt



Luka Lindič at the screening in Chamonix. Cop Arc’terix Alpine Academy


Cruising. Cop Arc’teryx Alpine Academy



Sharing the view. During the Peuterey Integrale. Cop. Luka Lindič



Beauty. cop. Arc’teryx Alpine Academy



Looking back towards the Aiguille Noire. Cop. Luka Lindič




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