Andy Kirkpatrick – Cold Wars – Sulla linea del rischio


Anyone following this blog will have noticed that I focus on foreign countries, foreign mountaineers, and foreign destinations A LOT… As much as I love my country, this bias towards faraway lands has a reason. When you live abroad, horizons open up, cultures are mingled and your imagination knows no boundaries. Bear this in mind.

My job as a translator grants me journeys into the minds of the most disparate authors. Andy Kirkpatrick’s second book, the Boardman Tasker Prize winner Cold Wars (published by Vertebrate Publishing, which I translated into Italian, Sulla linea del rischio) was a superb journey indeed. I cherished every single page.

Not only is Andy, quite bluntly, fearless and brash, but he also puts himself in frantic and desperate situations, still managing to keep the spirits high. I am sure many can identify with him…

In this sequel to Psychovertical  (English version here ) we see him climbing the Lafaille route on the Dru, having “fun” on Fitz Roy, battling on the Troll Wall and even keeping an eye on Johnny Depp. Andy is self-effacing and explains the extent to which climbing influences his life and his relationship with the others.

Intrigued? You’d better be! This is a compelling read.

Sulla linea del rischio is published by Versante Sud

More on Andy Kirkpatrick here

All pictures © Andy Kirkpatrick, save for the cover of the Italian version, © Versante Sud, and the following picture © Ian Parnell



Andy on the Lafaille. (Photo Ian Parnell)




Zodiac – El Cap


The Troll Wall in winter


The cover of the Italian version, published by Versante Sud




El Cap at dawn.



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